Please check that you are eligible to apply and that you understand the selection process and criteria before starting your application. 


To apply to FOCUS you must meet all of the following criteria.

Companies must be:

  • Based in Scotland
  • Be a screen sector company producing film, TV or animation content for broadcast or distribution
  • Have no access to expert business development support in house or through a parent company
  • Able to provide full access to operational and financial affairs of the business
  • Willing to take part in monitoring and evaluation work
  • Willing to invest significantly in your company's development
  • In a position to accept de minimus aid

From all of the eligible applications received, your application will be assessed against the following selection criteria:

Selection Criteria

- Commitment to growth and change

- Ability to benefit from FOCUS

- Appropriate ambition 


Applications must be received by midnight on 14th August 2017. All eligible applications will be assessed by the FOCUS team according to the Selection Criteria listed above. External panelists may be brought in to give additional input as needed.

Please also check the Application Guidelines and Terms and Conditions.