FOCUS: What is Stage 1?

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"What does the first stage of FOCUS look like?"


Following your acceptance onto the FOCUS project you will work closely with one of our three Stage 1 consultants to create your Business Development Strategy.

We will work with you to identify the most suitable consultant for your company. The three Stage 1 consultants -  Mike Kelly, Olsberg•SPI, and Jen Topping  - are highly experienced business development consultants within the screen sector. 

You will then attend an introductory meeting with the FOCUS Business Development Manager and your consultant, during which we will outline the FOCUS process and answer any questions.

After this initial meeting, you will work closely with your consultant to discuss your business' current circumstances and future ambitions, and develop your Business Development Strategy. 


"how long does stage 1 take?"


Your consultant will spend around 5 days working on Stage 1. Some of this time will be spent remotely doing research and writing up the Strategy, and some time will be spent face-to-face with you at your company. Stage 1 should be complete within 6 weeks of starting FOCUS.


"What is required of me?"


You will be required to be flexible and willing to commit time with your consultant. Your consultant will need access to information about your business, and is likely to request details regarding your company's accounts, structure and any current strategies you may already have in place. You will need to review the Business Development Strategy before finalising it. It's important that you are able to commit to responding within a reasonable timeframe, in order to complete Stage 1 within the timeframe.


"What are the outcomes?"


At the end of Stage 1 your consultant will deliver your Business Development Strategy. This will include a SWOT analysis identifying your business's internal strengths and weaknesses, and will give strategic guidance on your company development, including recommendations of the expertise that your company should access in Stage 2. 


"how do i apply?"


Fill out the online application form on our website before the deadline on the 29th of March 2018.