FOCUS: Tips for Applying



Tips for Applying to FOCUS


1. Prove your eligibility

We ask for some key facts and figures about your company, and also give you the opportunity to describe your company. This is a chance to show whether your company is eligible, and for us to assess your ability to benefit from the programme. 

This includes demonstrating that you have the time and financial resources to commit to growing your company through FOCUS. Sometimes the figures don't tell the full story about your company! Please use the first open question to explain your eligibility further if you feel like the figures don't reflect your current situation.


2. Describe your company

Do you work primarily in film or in broadcast? Scripted or non-scripted? Include your mission statement if you have one, a concise description of your business objectives and your company's purpose, values and goals.

If you have a commercial video aspect to your work, please explain how this fits within your overall focus as a production company. 

You don’t need to write a full essay but please do give us enough detail to enable an accurate assessment – we recommend at least 3 paragraphs.


3. Tell us what you would like to achieve

Appropriate company ambition is part of the selection criteria.

Tell us what you would like to achieve: whether it’s increased distribution, commissions, turnover or expansion into a key territory. Again, the more detail the better.


4. Draft your answers

We recommend that you draft your answers in a Word or Google document and then paste it into the application form before sending.

You cannot save your application as a draft, so make sure that you have a back-up!


5. Read the guidelines

Read our guidelines before applying.  


6. Get in touch

We’re more happy to chat before you submit your application.

Get in touch with Rebecca, our Business Development Manager, to arrange an informal meeting.


7. Put our deadline in your diary

Our deadline is the 29th March 2018.

Put this deadline in your diary – as no more applications will be accepted after this date.