FOCUS creates the opportunity for screen sector companies in Scotland to access sector specific business advice and support.

A recent report by BOP Consulting for Independent Producers Scotland found that most screen production businesses operating in Scotland are not of the scale where certain business development and support functions can be afforded in-house. This impacts on the ability on those businesses to grow, increase output, and remain sustainable.

FOCUS addresses this by providing subsidised access to specialist business development services. For screen companies, this will mean a rare opportunity to gain access to sought-after expertise in areas such as digital distribution, aggregation, financing, international co-production, and audience development. 


In the first stage of the project, you will work closely with a business development consultant to create a bespoke Business Development Strategy for your company.

This will provide an opportunity to analyse the strengths and weaknesses of your current business, and identify which types of specialist advice you need in order to grow your business.

Your consultant will be highly experienced in helping businesses like yours transform, and will spend up to six full days analysing your current situation and discussing your aims and ambitions for your company. 

At the end of Stage 1 you will have a thorough and actionable Business Development Strategy to take forward into Stage 2.


In Stage 2 you will follow up on the recommendations set out in Stage 1 to access the sector specific expertise that you need. At this stage you might request consulting time with an expert in HR, international co-productions, book scouting, VOD, royalties, or financing. We will work with you to contract the most appropriate expert for your business.