Colin MacDonald

Colin Macdonald Photo.JPG

stage 2 DIGITAL & MULTIPLATFORM consultant

Colin entered the games industry in 1990 as Software Manager of SAM Computers, the manufacturer of the last British home computer. Following that experience he founded a small games company which brought around twenty titles to market, including licences of Lemmings and Prince of Persia.

He joined DMA Design in 1997 as Producer on the multi-billion dollar generating Grand Theft Auto franchise, then helped found and was Studio Manager of Realtime Worlds, where he helped raise over $100m in investment and oversaw development of the multi-million selling, BAFTA-winning game Crackdown, and the online game All Points Bulletin.

Colin then served nine years on the governing board of Abertay University, and five years as Channel 4's Games Commissioner, where his mobile games based on Channel 4 shows achieved over 10m downloads and won awards including Broadcast Digital Best Game three years running, and an international Emmy.

Colin is currently Head of All 4 Games, an advisor to the UK government’s UK Games Fund, and Chairman of facial animation technology company Speech Graphics.