We work with companies who are ready to invest significantly in the development of their business. Participating companies w contribute one third of the costs of accessing the business support, with Creative Scotland and Scottish Enterprise contributing the remaining amount.

This is an innovative model of co-financing, with Creative Scotland, Scottish Enterprise and the participating companies all sharing the costs of the the bought-in expertise, as well as the operating costs of the project.


The full cost of Stage 1 is £5550 per company, with £1850 of this paid by the company themselves.


The costs in Stage 2 are highly flexible and will vary from company to company, according to need. Companies will invest up to £10,650 in stage 2, to access support costing up to £32,000. However, it will be possible to request funding in excess of these figures later in the pilot if funds are available.


At each stage, the participating company's share of the costs will be paid in advance to FOCUS. In Stage 2 it is possible to stagger your payments across a period to suit your company. The FOCUS team will manage all contracting with the expert advisors, and payments, on your behalf.

Participating in FOCUS is also an investment in your time. You will need to be available to meet with consultants, and spend time considering how you would like to grow your business.