Graeme Gordon

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stage 2 leadership consultant

Graeme left school in Kilmarnock to study Chemistry then trained as a Metallurgist at Moorfield Engineering. During his summer holiday he took off to Fort William and got work as an extra on the movie Highlander. This changed everything. Graeme was then enrolled in Film School in England (Bournemouth) followed by work at Pinewood Studios then work in the States with Shirley Williams, Mia Angelou, Stewart Granger, Quintin Crisp etc. He returned to UK and worked in Central London as a location manager on shows with ITV and Channel 4. After 3 years he came home to Scotland and worked in the BBC Drama department then onto the freelance film world working on Scottish Movies such as Small Faces, Regeneration, My Life So Far & Donovan Quick.

Graeme built a reputation in the freelance world working as a Location Manager, First Assistant Director, Production Manager then Line Producer. He worked on movies with John Hurt, Carmen Diaz, Billy Bob Thornton, David Tennant, Ken Stott etc. Graeme was invited to STV to be the new Producer of the new look Taggart and revamped the show, putting actor Alex Norton in the lead role. He stayed there for 8 years and received a BAFTA award for services to Scottish Broadcasting. From there he was invited to the BBC and tasked with ‘improving’ River City, after 3 years he then became an Executive Producer at BBC Scotland in the Drama department. His role was developing domestic and international productions and nurturing new talent. Graeme left the BBC in 2016 to start pursuing his ambitions of a dedicated Scottish Film & TV Studio.