Jonathan Glazier

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stage 2 production

Jonathan Glazier is contracted to FOCUS as a consultant via PACT.

Jonathan Glazier’s career spans over 30 years working on some of the worlds most iconic entertainment shows. Starting as an audio trainee on the Muppet Show and now as Executive Producer and Director of Asia’s Got Talent, the largest most successful pan regional iteration of this classic format, its viewing figures surpass Americas Got Talent. Jonathan works throughout the world creating content, hosting workshops for major broadcasters and advising on creativity, business and production issues. He was head of Light Entertainment and International Formats at the BBC, responsible for the international roll out of the Weakest Link and production of all domestic entertainment.

Most recently he was instrumental in the creation of Sadeem - a large digital first project in the Middle East and the development of a new gameshow for Endemolshine in Asia.

Jonathan was also one of the founding principals of Entertainment Master Class which has evolved into one of the premier international executive education organisations for the TV industry. Jonathan has a breadth of knowledge unrivalled in the industry, as an award winning director to international negotiations at MIP he can advise on S-Log vs Hypergamma, percentages of ancillaries or things to do in Kuala Lumpur, he can even code java-script.