Lawrence Francis (Premier)


stage 2 marketing consultant

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Lawrence Francis


A board director at Premier with over 15 years experience across PR, marketing and brand development within the entertainment industry. With a specialist understanding of social media and youth marketing, Lawrence has worked with the BFI, Universal Pictures, the European Broadcasting Union and Sky TV amongst many other clients to develop and activate integrated marketing strategies. Lawrence has also been the lead consultant across the launch of many independent productions, with an emphasis on marketing strategies for digital first VOS/SVOD distribution models.


Christina Joyce

Director – TV

Christina formed and runs Premier’s TV team, specialising in corporate and consumer PR and marketing for independent production companies. Having begun her career at the BBC, Christina has launched and continues to work with many independent production companies including Red Productions, Red Planet Productions, Sid Gentle Films and Kudos. Christina is a specialist in corporate communications, working with clients to develop brands and ensure all opportunities for personal exposure for key production talent are maximised, whilst building strategies for our clients that deliver long term growth.


Jonathan Rutter

Director - Film

Jonathan is one of the world’s most respected film publicists, having led Premier’s multi-award winning film department since inception. With unrivalled contacts across trade and consumer media, Jonathan has overseen the launch of 100’s of production companies, and delivered campaigns for over 100 BAFTA and Oscar award winning films during his career. Jonathan’s understanding of the film industry landscape enables him to provide clients with advice on everything from consumer marketing to festival strategy.


Joanne Granville

Director - Partnerships

Joanne leads Premier’s partnerships division, specialising in working with producers and IP owners to maximise business opportunities through brand partnership, sponsorship, marketing and advertising strategies. Joanne specialises in consulting with small organisations and delivering mutually beneficial partnership opportunities to maximise marketing potential and budgets on an international level.


Sam Stagnell

Director – Events

Sam is one of the UK’s most respected event producers, focused on delivering event and experiential marketing for clients from the film and television industry. From premieres and screenings to conferences, festivals and trade shows, Sam provides unrivalled understanding of how to maximise the return on investment from any event or experiential opportunity, a key part of the modern marketing landscape.