Once Were Farmers is a five-time BAFTA-nominated and multi-award-winning Digital Production Company, with offices in Stirling and Suffolk. OWF develop and produce live action, animation and VFX for shorts, mini-series, commercials and broadcast, with expertise in combining live action and animation, and efficiently delivering high production value.

OWF was founded in 2002 by Will Adams (BA Hons Philosophy, Bristol University) and Rory Lowe (BA Hons Fine Art, Glasgow School of Art) after working together on Scotland's first fully-digital picture desk at the Sunday Herald Newspaper. 

In OWF’s early days they worked on architectural visualisation and artists installations, including theatre and live music events. After winning their first TV commission in 2004, OWF went on to create title sequences and motion graphics for a variety of entertainment shows and documentaries.

In 2006 OWF won a new directors competition with a self-made viral, which gave them the opportunity to direct several award-winning commercials. Simultaneously focussed on producing their own shorts, OWF won numerous international awards, and went on to create their first mini-series for BBC Bitesize in 2012.

In 2014, OWF undertook their first major VFX project for the BBC, shooting and re-creating large-scale battle sequences for the 'Quest for Bannockburn' documentary series.

Recently OWF have completed their 11th mini-series for BBC Learning, and have released their 7th short film 'Widdershins' produced with the Scottish Film Talent Network. 

With a long track record of promoting and nurturing new talent, in Summer 2016 OWF launched the Animation Base Camp, an 8 week Summer School in association with Sony Pictures Animation

As one of the most diverse digital production houses operating in Scotland, Once Were Farmers has grown a reputation for cinematic flair and innovation in advertising, film and broadcast.