Plantation Productions, a creative media charity, is establishing a new business strand specialising in socially motivated content development and production. With over 15 years experience of co-creative media production, Plantation has a unique approach to story telling. Working with a variety of clients in both the private and public sectorincluding Police Scotland, NHS, Oxfam, and The National Library of Scotland, their ambition is to represent diverse voices from a Scottish perspective.

Most recently Plantation Productions have produced works for festival and exhibition - Poverty: Our Hidden Shame? – a youth-led documentary, short-listed for AHRC Inspiration Award; Much Ado About Govan – a contemporary adaptation of a Shakespeare classic; Time and Time Again – a short social history drama; We Journey Together – a short creative doc, previewed at Shortwaves and the Document Film Festival 2018. Plantation Productions are currently developing a new website to reflect both their charitable activity and their media production enterprise.